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We are expanding our range of products with innovative concepts in Art Wall design for interior and exterior surroundings.

You can choose photos from our digital photo gallery or use your own photographs and then, we will produce stunning artworks using the latest technology by sublimating the digital images into High Definition (HD) prints.

The new ChromaLuxe® and Duraluxe™ metal panels will enable you to create the most vibrant, durable and memorable photo images. Please refer to our catalogue for more information.

Heart2Heart Design started from a simple idea; having pictures on kitchen trays, that way avoiding a boring plain look and bringing some “life” into everyday household accessories whilst maintaining durability.

I bought a few plain trays made from wood, aluminium and melamine, and with a little help from my good printing friends, we gave birth to some amazing looking trays, which I am sure you’ll enjoy viewing.

Oh, how I like to be organised!! The same thought has opened the gates to design trays, serving platters, chopping boards and HD prints which could be placed in every room of the house, garden and office. I know my business can grow further with endless possibilities.

You will notice that every tray is unique and comes with a short description. Every print is made from safe materials for which I have the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). If you need a copy, let me know.

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From the team at Heart2Heart Design

Chilli Leaves With Plonk
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